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Overview: Whelen's M series lightheads offer increased brightness and versatility with flash programming versus other products. They are one of the top of the line options for peripheral lighting.


Voltage: 12V DC


Wiring: See Options


Optics: Wide Spread


Mounting: Screws included, chrome bezels purchased separately


Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 x 1.25 (refer to manufacturer specs for exact measurements)


Warranty: No


Returns: (exception: damaged beyond typical wear, or during shipping/defective)

Important Notes: This product is sold WITHOUT the lens cover, meaning the customer will need to supply their own lens cover if intended use will be exposed to any kind of weather, moisture, etc. Without the lens, they can only be used for interior applications such as inside a vehicle or contained in a lightbar.

 This product is USED and sold AS-IS. This is reflected in the price. They may contain minor defects such as scratches, minor damage to plastics or housings, etc., but are still usable.

Whelen M4 Series (without lens cover)

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