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Affordable fleet outfitting


No hidden fees; no surprises.

  • Currently this service is only offered for customers in the southeastern US. We plan to expand locations in the future.

  • We will travel to you and perform all installation services on site. 

  • If we don't carry the exact products you need installed, we will find you the best price from another seller. 

  • Our current labor rate is $80/hr + a flat fee of $0.40/mile of travel (calculated once).

  • We don't charge markups on parts. You'll only pay for the cost + shipping of any parts we install.

  • Built To Last: All wiring is done using high quality fuses, wiring, and heat shrink wraps for maximized waterproofing, UV resistance, and edge protection. 

  • We work on all types of vehicles and fleets! This includes law enforcement, EMS, fire, towing, security, tree services, construction services, and more. Applicable local laws regarding light colors, sirens, etc. apply and will be adhered to.

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